Pictures from Schloss Elmau / various2

Very old pictures. If you know what year this was, let me know. There is more then one page, so check out the other pages as well.
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?, Freddy ?
hair=Suzy Slatter?, ?? (Swedish?), Annelie Finaughty
Marco Schipper, Freddy ?
Luisa Abel, Bart Nienhuis
??, Terry Saunders, Bart Nienhuis, , Vicki Cole
Elena Guarnerio?, Luisa Abe
Markus Görnemann, ?. Elio Marti
Elena Guarnerio?, Markus Görnemann
?, Adriana Schipper
Markus Görnemann
Jens Bagemighl
Marco Schipper
Jens Bagemihl
Sebastian Palmer (?)
Markus Görnemann, Klaus Stammerjohann, Marco Schipper
Klaus Stammerjohann, Markus Görnemann
Lene Schroeder, Paul Smith?, ??, Jens Bagemihl

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