Pictures from Schloss Elmau / various2

Very old pictures. If you know what year this was, let me know. There is more then one page, so check out the other pages as well.
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Marleen Yzerman - or Maaike Tromp?
Klaus Stammerjohann, Monika Hall?, Markus Görnemann
Manon Perquin?, Markus Görnemann, Gitte Therkildsen?
Luisa Abel, Klaus Stammerjohann
??, Philline Lensvelt
?, Peter ?
Vicky Cole
?, Markus Görnemann
Peter ?, Marco Schipper
Ben Jones
?, Markus Görnemann
Marleen Yzerman
Markus Görnemann, Roddy McDonald
Bart Nienhuis
Marco Schipper
?, Peter ?
? Bart Nienhuis, Markus Görnemann

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